Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (2024)

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Try this super tender Pork Lengua Recipe with creamy white sauce. Cooked in a pressure cooker to cut the cooking time. An all-time favorite Filipino delicacy.

Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (1)Lengua is a dish made from beef or pork tongue, beef being the more popular choice. The popular way of cooking Lengua in the Philippines is with white sauce. People would normally serve this at special occassions.

I was asked by one at Instagram to write about Lengue Recipe. And she asked specifically about Lengue recipe without using cream of mushroom. Like how it is done in Pampanga she said.

Of course, I said I would do it. I've had it so many times before but thetruth is, I haven't cooked this dish until now. Usually, I leave it to my Mama who used to cook this everyday when they still had the canteen.

Beef or Pork Tongue for Lengua?

So when I went out to get me some tongue, the butcher asked me if I want beef/ox or pork tongue. Eerrr...unsure which one, I just told him to give me the one that is used for Lengua. He told me both can be used.

I called my Mama and asked her which one to get. I just assumed everyone uses beef tongue. She told me that if I am not using cream of mushroom then to get the pork tongue. Don't ask me why, but it seems that is how it is done.

It is way smaller than beef or ox tongue so it would be perfect if you are not cooking for a large group. It was also faster to cook because of its size.

Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (2)

I really thought that cooking Lengua would require a lot of effort. Not that I am afraid of flexing some muscles in the kitchen if needed. I think I've proven in several occassions that I can also do complicated.

I am not completely sure why Lengua gave me that impression that it is difficult. To my surprise, preparing this dish turned out to be rather simple.Well, I have to admit, not without several phone calls to my Mama for advice and confirmation to boost my confidence first.

Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (3)

The problem is Mama does not have exact measurements. Like the really good cook that she is, everything comes from experience and gut feeling.

So I thought, I have the ingredients down and I would just wing it with the measurements. Some little adjustments later and I came with this recipe. With stamp of approval from both my Mama and Papa of course before sharing it here.

Armin did try it and said it taste good but he cannot imagine eating pork tongue...just yet (*wink*) !

By the way, a callout to Ms. Nadia you requested now here it is, Lengua recipe without using cream of mushroom.

Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (4)

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Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (5)

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Easy Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue)

5 from 6 votes

Try this super tender Pork Lengua Recipe writh creamy white sauce. Cooked in presure cooker to cut the cooking time. An all-time favorite Filipino delicacy.

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  • 1 pound pork tongue
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cloves garlic - minced
  • 1 medium onion - chopped
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 can (370ml) evaporated milk
  • 1 cup broth (from tongue)
  • 1 can (15.25oz) whole corn kernel - liquid drained
  • salt
  • ground pepper
  • ½ cup all-purpose cream


  • Place the pork tongue in a pressure cooker. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of salt and and fill with enough water just to cover the meat. Cook in pressure cooker for 25-30 minutes.

  • Remove tongue from liquid and transfer to a work surface and cool slightly. Reserve a cup of the broth. Peel outer layer of skin from pork tongue. Cut the meat in thin slices about a quarter inch thick.

  • Melt butter on a large skillet over medium heat. Saute garlic and onion until aromatic and tender.

  • Add the pork tongue slices and season with soy sauce. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes turning the meat slices once or twice.

  • Pour in evaporated milk and broth and add the corn kernels. Season with salt and pepper. Let it simmer for 5-7 minutes or until liquids starts to get thick.

  • Add all-purpose cream and simmer for another minute. Add salt if needed.

  • Transfer to a serving plate and serve with steamed rice or mashed potatoes.


If you do not have a pressure cooker, just boil the tongue in a pot over stove-top over high heat. Once it starts to boil, set heat to low and cover with lid. Let it simmer for 1-2 hours or until the pork tongue becomes fork-tender.


Calories: 495kcalCarbohydrates: 4gProtein: 20gFat: 43gSaturated Fat: 21gCholesterol: 145mgSodium: 2362mgPotassium: 444mgFiber: 0gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 700IUVitamin C: 7.4mgCalcium: 50mgIron: 1.3mg

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    What do you think?

  1. Mary says

    I found the idea for this recipe on you tube and had to try it. I just bought pork toungs a few weeks or so ago and was not sure what to do with them I have had beef tongue many times and really enjoy it.
    I was a bit dissapointed in the youtube video I found on this as it did not include the recipe for exact measurements so I just decided to go to pinterest to see if someone had the exact measurement recipe and I found this. Thank so much. I have pork tongues ready to put the recipe together and make it for supper tonight. I think I may copy and paste this recipe to a comment on the youtube video to help others who may want to try this.


  2. Sam says

    It looks like something my mom cooked for our family when I was a kid, sadly she’s no longer with us, so your recipes enables me to enjoy some of the things that I had growing up.


    • Bebs says

      Hi Sam, moms are the best and I am glad that our recipe gives you back a piece of her.


  3. TaT says

    Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (18)
    sooo mouth watering!!!


  4. Cherissa says

    Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (19)
    Super easy and yummy. I dont like cooking so I look for recipes that are easy to cook. This has been my favourite ever since! Thankyou for the recipe!


    • Bebs says

      That is awesome! Thanks for your great comment, Cherissa!


  5. Gigi says

    Hi. Planning to double the recipe. Do I double all the ingredients?


    • Bebs says

      Yes, you can.


  6. Rachel P says

    Can you please make lengua recipe with cream of mushroom? pretty please? 🙂


    • Bebs says

      It is almost the same just replace the all-purpose cream with cream of mushroom and reduce the salt in the recipe since it has some salt already, you can also skip the corn kernels.


  7. Kenneth says

    Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (20)
    Hi Ms. Bebs, thank you for this recipe! I am from pampanga and i always ask my auntie to cook me some lengua dila, but with this recipe, my kids liked it so much and feels like home. Cheers!


    • Bebs says

      Happy to hear that Kenneth and I can totally relate how food can give you the feeling of being back at home.


  8. Nadia says

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! Happy new year!


    • Bebs says

      You most welcome Nadia and a happy new year to you too!


  9. Marilyn Ronquillo says

    Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (21)
    Hi Ms.Bebs. Happy New Year. I am a subscriber and i want to get the free cookbook, how can i get this. Pls. Help.


    • Bebs says

      Hi Marilyn, you should have received an email when you subscribed with the link to download the ECookbook...


      • Bebs says

        Pretty sure it would also be great with beef tongue, Jacquie. 🙂


  10. Jacquie M says

    I love tongue but can only get beef around here so I will be making it with the beef tongue. This recipe is making me hungry!


Creamy Lengua Recipe (Pork Tongue) - Foxy Folksy (2024)


What is the texture of pork tongue? ›

Raw tongues tend to have a tough texture and a distinct flavor that may not be appealing to everyone. Cooking tongues, on the other hand, can help tenderize the meat and enhance its taste.

Can you eat pork tongue? ›

Denser than either bird, pork tongue is best served thinly sliced so as to cut through the sinuous muscle groups that run the length of the organ. It can be eaten cold, but I like the confited tongue best with a quick sear in the cast iron skillet to brown its surface.

What is Lengua made of? ›

Lengua is a dish made from beef or pork tongue, beef being the more popular choice.

Does Pork Tongue need to be peeled? ›

If you're poaching a tongue that hasn't been brined, add a good pinch of some coarse sea salt to the poaching liquid. Once cooked, a tongue must be skinned, or peeled, and this needs be done while it is still warm; otherwise the skin is very difficult, almost impossible to remove.

How long does it take to cook pig tongue? ›

  1. Bring to the boil and reduce to gently simmer. Cover with a lid and cook slowly for 4 hours. ...
  2. Allow the tongue to cool slightly in the water and while it is still warm, strain and peel away the layer of skin. ...
  3. To plate, warm the tongue gently so that reaches a luke-warm temperature.

Who eats Pork Tongue? ›

Pig Tongue

They also have skin that must be removed prior to eating. Globally, pig tongue is eaten in nearly every culture where pigs are raised for meat, but in America, you'll most often find pork tongue in Latin American, Asian, and Eastern European ethnic markets.

Is tongue a cheap cut of meat? ›

Beef Tongue Price

Expect to pay anything from $9 to $14 per lb for Beef Tongue with conventionally raised/grain fed being the cheaper and organic/grass-fed the more expensive option.

Is barbacoa and lengua the same thing? ›

Nowadays, barbacoa is mostly known as the cheek meat (cachete), tongue (lengua) or "mixta," which is all the various bits left after the cow head is cooked and the meat pulled off. The resulting barbacoa is usually served as tacos with cilantro, onions, chile pequins and a red or green sauce.

What is tongue meat called? ›

Beef tongue (also known as neat's tongue or ox tongue) is a cut of beef made of the tongue of a cow. It can be boiled, pickled, roasted or braised in sauce. It is found in many national cuisines, and is used for taco fillings in Mexico and for open-faced sandwiches in the United States.

Is the tongue soft or rough? ›

The normal slightly rough surface of the tongue is due to the papillae. In fact, it is somewhat worrying if the tongue is completely smooth. However, if your tongue feels very "bumpy" and painful, this could be a response to inflammation and injury of the mucous membrane.

How does Pork Tongue taste? ›

Though it might make your skin crawl to look at, tongue is a muscle and actually tastes more like regular meat than offal, without that distinctive 'offal' flavour like liver or kidneys do.

Is tongue chewy? ›

The beef tongue may become overly chewy if cooked incorrectly. Thus, it is imperative to remember to cook it long and slow to achieve the optimal texture. You should first boil the beef tongue for at least two to three hours, which will be handy in removing the tough outer skin.

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