Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe (2024)

Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe (1)

Make sure to repin the recipe 🙂

Me and my waters. I am telling you I am on this crazy kick – I have not had soda in almost a month. I keep just drinking my detox waters.

Funny story I was at Target today and my jeans kept falling down ( with a belt on) — I am guessing I have lost about 10 + pounds this month drinking all my different detox waters PLUS I have so much energy.

Right after I finish writing this recipe I am going online to buy pants a size down ( that is very exciting to me).

I have not changed what I have been eating either – I never eat really bad food. Usually a salad with a side of protein ( it is the soda that does it to me)

I always get lots of questions about my detox waters hopefully I will answer them below ( let me know in the comment section if I miss something)

I would sip the detox water at least 3 times a day – I always use the same ingredients all three times. I would suggest waiting two weeks to start seeing the results

Using colder water and ice would be best. I always used filter water as well

To give this detox an extra boost I always do a little lemon essential oil ( this helps speed up your metabolism) – I sell Young Living Essential oils and that is what I use.

If you try the Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe let me know what you think 🙂

Love You Guys!

Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe


: Sara


  • 3 Slices of Green Apple Sliced
  • 3 Slices of Cucumber
  • 8 oz of Water
  • TONS of Ice
  • Small bit of mint
  • 2 Slices of Lemon


  1. Place all the ingredients in a glass
  2. Stir and Enjoy
  3. Drink 3 times a day


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  • Ivette Zapata

    Hello i’m a little confused with the lemon essential oil.Is the lemon essential oil is from aroma therapy or is it the lemon oil for cooking?I started drinking it but to add a kick i went to whole food store and purchased the lemon oil but for cooking .I had tried so many ways to loose weight i don’t want to give up trying to loose 30 pounds after a brain aneurysm at my 44 years….Thank You Ms.Ivette Zapata You’re doing a wonderful sharing with all of us.

    • Sara

      Young Living essential oils are food grade so you can consume them. You can use it for cooking or smell – I do both.

  • Jennifer

    In these hot days, it is exactly what I am looking for. I love it. I like this combination: lemon, mint, cucumber and even Green Apple. it is so strange but it is amzing. Thank you for your sharing!!!

  • Melissa @ Wellness Appliances

    what a refreshing way to loose weight in this hot summer season, loved it and enjoying my detox drink for second week now.

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    […] Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe […]

  • Melissa

    When you refill do you refresh your produce every time? Or just add more ice water sometimes?

    • Jacqueline

      You say sip three times a day and you use the same ingredient each time. I’m assuming this means you make this drink three time a day and consume the whole thing…is this correct. All your recipes sound really good can’t wait to try them all.

  • Megan

    So, you are allowed to eat along side this? I ask because I know some detox drinks don’t allow you to actually consume food or something like that. Also, are you allowed to drink other stuff? I struggle without my morning cup of tea lol

  • Amber

    Same produce or fresh when drinking other two times?


    These drinks will make me younger in these hot days in summer. I will try one by one. Love your blog so much. Thanks 🙂

  • Dr. Farber @Pain away devices

    Does this formula work for any particular body type or age? Or is their any particularity of this formula on male and female body?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this lovely blog. I want to try wonder detox water. I don’t understand why we need ice. Isn’t water (cold) enough?

    • Jennifer

      Drinking ice cold water burns calories by making your body warm up the ice cold water. So, if you lets say room temperature water, your body will not burn as many calories because the water is already leukwarm. Hope this helps!

  • Frances J. Gonzales

    I’ve heard about detox is a great way to be on diet and I was wondering if it really works. But now, forget about its function, it looks so yummy and fresh that I cannot wait to taste it myself. Especially, I love the combination of lemon and mint. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe!

  • Nora

    I’m going to need to make this ASAP!! Look very easy to do, thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    How often do you drink this? I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks for the tip!

  • John

    Thank you for this lovely blog. When you refill do you refresh your produce every time?

    • Melissa

      Do you change the fruit 3 times a day. Thank you.

  • Isabella

    I want to try wonder detox water.. Does this formula work for any particular body type or age?

  • Cheryl

    Can you make this in a pitcher and pour into glasses to take to work or is it best to make individual ones?

  • Yesenia

    How do I go about making a picher of this

  • shelley

    can you reuse the fruit and vegies or do you have to add new for every glass

  • Karen

    This recipe looks delicious and healthy. I will try it soon. Thank for share awesome post.

  • Karon

    You said a mint green pepper mint.

  • Stella Vanvacter

    Is the anything that can be use outside of the lemon because i have allergies to lemon limes oranges grapefruit.

  • googlemail

    Thank your site! information your share is useful to me!

  • Nina

    Hi Sara
    I’ve been looking at drinks to cut down the love handles if u know what I mean LOL
    I’m trying this one for the first time but everytime I drink Anderson glass do u use fresh ingredients for that glass or use the same ingredients from the first glass lol ? Once I’m into the drink longer I shall give you a full report on how well it worked 🙂


    So for the Skinny wonder detox should I let the mixture rest for a while after putting the ingredients in the water?

  • Scott Webb

    Just started a chicken salad ONLY diet, needed some kind of drink instead of water. This is perfect, so thanks for sharing, hope I don’t ‘detox’ too much though.

  • Jack Pham

    I have been drinking lemon strawberry cucumber mint water and my skin is like so clear can’t wait to try this

  • Emileigh

    Can I make a pitcher of this?

  • Kim @Fatlossdudes

    I have been drinking lemon strawberry cucumber mint water and my skin is so clearly can’t wait to try this. Thanks for this.

  • Kelly Doty

    Very helpful, it gonna be one of my favourite drink!

Skinny Wonder Detox Water Recipe (2024)
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