A Nashville Whiskey Tour + 8 Best Nashville Distilleries (2024)

Did you know Nashville is a great place to kick back and enjoy some of the finest Tennessee Whiskey? Some of the top Tennessee whiskies are produced just south of Nashville, and this fall is the perfect opportunity to learn more (and taste more) on a Nashville whiskey tour!

A Nashville whiskey tour is a great way to get an introduction to the exciting world of Tennessee Whiskey. It’s also a great way to get an overview of Nashville’s distilling history, which can be complex, and taste some of the region’s top whiskies. This fall is the perfect opportunity if you’ve been longing to learn more about this storied craft spirit.

Your Nashville whiskey tour starts with a stay at our Bed and Breakfast, located just minutes from downtown Nashville and Broadway Street. Just like your Nashville whiskey tour, a stay at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast offers the perfect blend of Nashville history and modern conveniences.

Nowhere else will you find such historic elegance on six acres of land, so close to all the top things to do in Nashville. There’s a reason we’re rated as one of the best places to stay in Nashville. Join us for a fun and informative Nashville whiskey tour this fall. Book your room at our Nashville Bed and Breakfast today!

A Nashville Whiskey Tour + 8 Best Nashville Distilleries (1)

Take a Nashville Whiskey Tour This Fall

Whiskey and alcohol production in Tennessee, in general, has a fascinating history. Historically in the days following prohibition, whiskey distillation in Tennessee was only allowed for three companies. In 2009, though, those laws were relaxed, and this area saw growth in Nashville distilleries and whiskey production.

One of the best things about taking a Nashville whiskey tour – apart from the obvious tasting part of the tour – is learning all about the fascinating history behind most of the leading Nashville distilleries. When it comes to finding the best Nashville whiskey tour for you, here are a few of the top options:

Tennessee Whiskey Tours

Tennessee Whiskey Tours operates the best-reviewed Nashville whiskey tour, and it’s in part because there are a lot of options to choose from. One of the most popular is the Jack N Back Tour, which takes you to the famous Jack Daniels Distillery. This is an excellent option for newcomers to the world of Tennessee Whiskey.

This company offers other great tours, including The Tennessee Whiskey Experience or an in-house whiskey tasting. You can even design your own private Nashville whiskey tour.

Whiskey Trail Tours

Another great Nashville whiskey tour company to consider is Whiskey Trail Tours. As the name suggests, this tour company leads you to various of the best Nashville distilleries. These tours are all about whiskey, but they also do a great job of introducing you to Nashville’s other leading spirits like bourbon.

If you’re interested, you can also utilize this company to visit Nashville breweries and wineries.

If you really want to up your Nashville whiskey tour game, consider extending your trip and traveling along the fabulous Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

A Nashville Whiskey Tour + 8 Best Nashville Distilleries (2)

Great Nashville Distilleries Worth Visiting

You don’t have to take a Nashville Whiskey tour to get in on the fun. You can also tour a variety of Nashville distilleries on your own. Whiskey also isn’t the only delicious spirit being made here – several Nashville distilleries are crafting a delightful range of spirits, including bourbon and moonshine.

Thanks to recent growth in local spirit production, below, you’ll find a list of some of the best Nashville distilleries worth visiting today.

  1. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery was once one of the largest whiskey producers in the country. Here, you can learn all about the history of this Nashville distillery, followed by a delicious sampling of products in their tasting room. Popular spirits here include Belle Meade Bourbon, Louisa’s Liqueur, and Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey, based on the family’s original recipe.
  2. Leiper’s Fork Distillery is one of the Nashville distilleries focused on small-batch whiskey production. They craft a variety of spirits, including moonshine and bourbon.
  3. Jack Daniel’s is arguably one of the most well-known Nashville distilleries and is certainly worthy of your time!
  4. Want to have some Tennessee Whiskey with your coffee? If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t knock it. Instead, head to Pennington Distilling Co. and try their Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream.
  5. Nearest Green Distillery showcases a remarkable piece of Nashville’s history with its Uncle Nearest Whiskey, which pays homage to former slave Nearest Green, who taught Jack Daniel how to make Tennessee Whiskey.
  6. Ole Smoky is one of the best Nashville distilleries to visit if you’re in the market for some moonshine. Their Ole Smoky Moonshine is a work of art and a fantastic piece of Appalachian history.
  7. Perhaps you’re looking for a hidden gem or something a little unusual regarding Nashville distilleries. For that, head to experimental Corsair Distillery, where you’ll find things like Dark Rye and Triple Smok, which have been featured in USA Today and The New York Times.
  8. Company Distillery is a micro-batch distillery just south of Nashville that produces a wide range of delicious spirits. Their straight bourbon whiskey is fantastic, and they also have an excellent range of flavored spirits.

Whether you take one of the recommended Nashville whiskey tours or visit any of these top-rated Nashville distilleries on your own, you’ll need a place to crash at the end of the day. Don’t let it be just anywhere, though. Unwind in style and stay at our #1-rated Nashville Bed and Breakfast. Book your room today!

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A Nashville Whiskey Tour + 8 Best Nashville Distilleries (2024)


What questions to ask on a distillery tour? ›

Where does your water come from? What happens to the byproducts of your distillation process? What type of Stills do you use? Is your spirit blended?

How many distilleries are on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail? ›

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is a collaborative effort put together by over thirty Tennessee distillers with the ultimate goal being to promote whiskey tourism in Tennessee. We hope you'll use this website to help craft your own adventure, all the while enjoying everything the great State of Tennessee has to offer.

How far is Nashville from the Jack Daniel's distillery? ›

The Jack Daniels Distillery is located about 90 miles from Nashville in historic Lynchburg, Tennessee. A Signature Transportation tour service is the best way to get from Nashville to Lynchburg, TN, and back.

What type of alcohol is Nashville known for? ›

They craft a variety of spirits, including moonshine and bourbon. Jack Daniel's is arguably one of the most well-known Nashville distilleries and is certainly worthy of your time! Want to have some Tennessee Whiskey with your coffee? If you haven't tried it yet, don't knock it.

What to wear to a distillery tour? ›

No vulgar or profane attire allowed. Be aware that during the spring and summer months, the distillery may be very hot with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. We also recommend closed-toed shoes, as there is walking, as well as 32 steps on the tour path.

What happens on a whisky tour? ›

On your Whisky Tour & Tasting you'll learn about and try whiskies from a variety of regions. There are five main whisky regions in Scotland; The Highlands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Islay, and Speyside. Whiskies from each of these locations can have their own unique notes and undertones.

What is the most famous distillery in Tennessee? ›

Jack Daniel Distillery

The oldest registered distillery in the United States is home to the world's best-selling individual whiskey brand. Jack Daniel's was originally crafted by Jack Daniel himself.

What is the most visited distillery in Tennessee? ›

"We at Ole Smoky are continuously proud of our status as the most visited distillery in the world," said Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery.

What is the oldest distillery in Tennessee? ›

Registered by Jack Daniel in 1866, the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN is the oldest registered distillery in the United States, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016. The town of Lynchburg is the seat of Moore County, the smallest county in Tennessee.

Is it worth going to Jack Daniel's Distillery? ›

The tour culminated at a tasting facility where we all were able to sample the various Jack Daniel's products. This facility is well worth the time and cost to visit. The only draw back is the small village around the facility closes up by 6pm during the off season...and it is a dry county. No where to eat!

Can you do a tasting at Jack Daniels without a tour? ›

As long as you are over 18 you can do any of them but sample only if your over 21. Very interesting even if you don't do the tasting tour. The sample room is in the barrel room and it's really organized well.

How much does it cost to tour Jack Daniel's Distillery? ›

Tour prices range from $20 to $100.

What is the name of the famous bar in Nashville? ›

Details. Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a Nashville country music institution and world-famous honky-tonk, has operated across the alley from the Ryman almost continuously since 1960. Its proprietor from 1960 to 1978, Hattie Louise “Tootsie” Bess, bought the lounge called “Mom's” and named it for herself.

What is the signature drink of Tennessee? ›

The classic signature drink for Tennessee is Jack and co*ke. Just grab a glass, fill it with ice, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, and some Classic co*ke.

What is Tennessee's favorite drink? ›

If you're a Tennessean, it won't surprise you that whiskey is our favorite drink — Tennessee Whiskey is world-famous, after all. But does it shock you that in 36 out of the 50 states, whiskey was the drink of choice?

What to expect on a distillery tour? ›

On your tour of this place, you'll see the whole process of making bourbon. You'll have a view of their milling area, malting room, lab, tasting room, bottling room, and their distillery (the place where all the stills, fermenter, and cookers are placed).

Do you tip on a distillery tour? ›

Gratuity is always appreciated

Deciding a reasonable tip for a distillery tour is similar to determining how much you should tip for dinner. You may consider the cost of the tour and decide an appropriate amount relative to this amount, using 20% as a starting point.

What do you do at a distillery? ›

The process of making spirits in a distillery starts very similarly to making beer. It all begins by combining the essential ingredients like yeasts and grains in water. From there, the different types of ingredients will determine what kind of spirit they are making.

What is the profit margin on a distillery? ›

For spirits, one can expect percentages in the low 20s upwards of 40; for a new brand, you can expect 30-35% as an average. For their margin wholesalers will work with retailers to sell, deliver and invoice. Retailers' Margin Varies considerably, but average is approximately 35%.

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