The 10 Best Distilleries In Nashville (2024)

Moonshine and whiskey are staples of the South. Luckily there are spots all across Music City that feature fresh local-made craft alcohol.


  • The Best Distilleries In Nashville
    • Big Machine Brewery + Distillery
    • Corsair Distillery + Taproom
    • Nashville Barrel Co
    • Nashville Craft Distillery
    • Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery
    • Pennington Distillery Co
    • Southern Collective Spirit Co
    • Standard Proof Whiskey Co
    • Tennessee Legend
    • 6th + Peabody
  • Final Thoughts

The Best Distilleries In Nashville

Big Machine Brewery + Distillery

The perfect place to celebrate any occasion is right in downtown Nashville.

Big Machine Brewery + Distillery tasting room is the perfect place to indulge in crafted co*cktails from spirits made in-house.

Here you’ll get to enjoy everything a distillery has to offer, including fun co*cktails, tours of the facility, and live music. In their gift shop, you can even purchase souvenirs and their famous spirits to take home with you.

When you want to see how it’s made, take their 45-minute tour, which includes tastings and even the opportunity to bottle your own. Big Machine Brewery + Distillery is the perfect taste of locally-crafted liquor.

  • Location: 122 3rd Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37201

Corsair Distillery + Taproom

This laid-back facility offers tons of crafted beverages to choose from, including American and German-style beers and spirits.

Corsair Distillery + Taproom features a brewery and micro-distillery on-site, where they produce everything they serve at the bar.

Take a tour for 30 minutes of the facility, where you’ll get to see how everything is made and enjoy samples along the way.

You’ll find this space within the Marathon Village, and they even include a restaurant on-site for a bite to go with your drinks.

The menu offers guided spirits tastings which are a must to get a taste of their lineup. Corsair Distillery + Taproom is a great option for a date night, group gathering, or any occasion.

  • Location: 1200 Clinton St #110, Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville Barrel Co

With 25 years of experience between the two owners, these spirits are made with passion and crafted to perfection.

Nashville Barrel Co is known for high-quality spirits aged in only the finest sourced barrels.

You can indulge in a flight of their offerings to get a full taste of their lineup or enjoy a crafted co*cktail featuring one or more of their spirits.

Whether it’s rum, whiskey, or bourbon, they don’t settle for anything less than excellent. Nashville Barrel Co is a go-to for local spirits made the right way.

  • Location: 809 Heathcote Ave, Nashville, TN 37210

Nashville Craft Distillery

Made in-house by one very talented distilling team, you’ll be impressed with the selection at this Music City distillery.

Nashville Craft Distillery crafts everything in-house to make some of the best spirits you’ll find in the city.

Whether you want to sample a flight of their offerings or take a bottle to go, they’ve got you covered. With a full lineup including gin, sorghum spirits, liquor, and bourbon whiskey, they have a taste for everyone.

You can even join in on a distiller-led tour that offers behind-the-scenes looks at the specifics of the craft. Nashville Craft Distillery is easily one of the best in Music City.

  • Location: 514 Hagan St, Nashville, TN 37203

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

This popular whiskey distillery creates a wide variety of Tennessee whiskey and bourbon.

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is home to an award-winning Belle Meade bourbon; this is Nashville’s most historic distillery.

Coming from a family history of distillers, this original recipe bourbon comes from their great-great-great grandfather, who started the family distillery back in 1860.

Having been bottled since 1909, this is the whiskey that made Tennessee whiskey famous. Along with the classic bourbon, you’ll find liquors and a variety of whiskeys.

Sample just one or a few, and maybe even indulge in a crafted co*cktail. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is a must-see within the city of Nashville.

  • Location: 1414 Clinton St, Boston, MA 37203

Pennington Distillery Co

With over 10 years of experience, this distillery is an independent distillery that focuses on producing small-batch high-end spirits.

Pennington Distillery Co is an award-winning distillery with enough gold medals to speak for the product.

They offer a large lineup under a few different brands, so they have a taste for nearly everyone. Enjoy their vodkas, liquor, and an impressive lineup of whiskeys.

The team here focuses on every step of the process, from grain to bottle, to ensure you receive only the highest quality product possible. Pennington Distillery Co is an impressive showcase of Tennessee whiskey.

  • Location: 900 44th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209

Southern Collective Spirit Co

This exclusive experience is a distillery as you’ve never seen one before. Southern Collective Spirit Co embraces everything that comes with the world of whiskey, and it’s truly their passion.

The barrels in their distillery are carefully hand selected, so it’s only the best of the best, and they offer one of the most unique offerings in the city.

Here you’ll be able to taste directly from the barrel, mix, and bottle your very own blend to take home with you.

They’ll even write your name on the label. Southern Collective Spirit Co creates a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Location: 819 2nd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210

Standard Proof Whiskey Co

Here the product is aged in New American oak barrels, and the rye whiskey is infused with all-natural ingredients.

Born in Nashville, Standard Proof Whiskey Co now offers their spirits online to be ordered from anywhere.

The product here is aged 2+ years, and everything is gluten-free, so no dietary restrictions will hold you back from indulging. This straight rye whiskey has a distinct rich flavor that’s complemented by the infusions they also offer.

You’ll be impressed with a flight of their offerings, including flavors like pecan, honeysuckle, ginger root, and more. Be sure you don’t miss out on a drink or two at Standard Proof Whiskey Co.

  • Location: 219 Rep John Lewis Way N, Nashville, TN 37219

Tennessee Legend

Much more than just another place to drink moonshine in the south, this is one distillery you won’t want to miss out on.

Tennessee Legend is located in the middle of Marathon Village in a historic building. Though this location is more intimate and smaller than the others, the service is fast and friendly.

You can even take a peek through the window into the distillery to see the production crew hard at work.

Hand out with friends and taste through their selections or take a bottle home with you. Either way, you’ll be impressed with the shine served at Tennessee Legend.

  • Location: 1310 Clinton St #115, Nashville, TN 37203

6th + Peabody

Well-known nationwide for its moonshine that comes in mason jars, you can sample everything on-site at this Nashville location.

6th + Peabody by Ole Smoky Distillery features moonshine tastings of all their products, plus crafted co*cktails and other cold drinks.

The perfect location to watch the game with friends or just spend an afternoon having a few co*cktails.

You’ll be impressed with the indoor and outdoor seating options, plus they feature food stands outside when you need a snack with your shine. 6th + Peabody is a must-stop distillery in Nashville for any lover of spirits.

  • Location: 423 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Final Thoughts

Enjoy all the staples of southern living, including local-made whiskey and moonshine, from these distilleries all over the city of Nashville.

The 10 Best Distilleries In Nashville (2024)
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